Open Meeting

Hello from the NBHU!

We’ve been very busy recently and we figure it’s about time for another open meeting.

So: we’d like to invite you all to come along at 6pm on Sunday the 27th July to the Rumsey Wells.

We hope to be discussing issues relevant to those attending, for instance zero-hours contracts, employment rights and workplace organisation. If you’d like to bring up any topics in particular, it would be fantastic if you could send agenda items to, post them on our facebook page, or leave them in the comments below. Equally, if you don’t have anything specific in mind, or would simply like to attend and observe – that’s fine too!

We’ll be wearing NBHU T-shirts, so hopefully we’ll be recognisable, and you can check on facebook and here for updates.


We hope to see you soon!



Strike Solidarity

Members of the NBHU today joined the TUC march to support more than one million striking workers from across society, including firefighters, teachers, cleaners, civil servants, transport workers, housing officers, public sector workers and many more. It was fantastic to see such an impressive display of solidarity between workers and there were some inspirational speeches, with most speakers criticising the devastating austerity measures imposed upon the poorest in society. Some campaigns were particularly notable, for instance the striking Ritzy cinema workers, who have been encouraging customers to boycott their employer, Picturehouse (which also runs Cinema City in Norwich), in protest of their refusal to pay their workers a living wage. Although we share common ground with workers from all professions, the struggle of workers in service industry roles, such as those at the Ritzy, resonate particularly with those of us in bar and hospitality work. The campaign to secure the living wage is an incredibly important one – all workers should be able to afford to live on the wage they earn. You can support the striking Ritzy workers here.


creds: BBC

creds: BBC


Solidarity with all those striking today!